Om SHE Aromatherapy: make your problems go away!


Hi all!

It’s been a while since the last time that I posted an article. These last few days have been a bit of a nightmare for me. Every now and then I go through these migraine episodes that leave me with blurry vision and nasty earaches so I have been feeling a bit under the weather  😦

Something that I find very relaxing and that helps me when I get my terrible headaches is aromatherapy. Whenever I have a massage done, I tend to choose this option because it releases the tension in my muscles and also helps me to switch off completely from the worries and the stress of every day life.

There is a brand that I really like and that I discovered in TK Maxx about a year ago. It is called Om SHE Aromatherapy. This brand was launched in Melbourne, Australia in 1996. One thing that I value a lot about them is the fact that they don’t test their products on animals… well done! As well as this, these aromatherapy-based products are sulphate and paraben free, their smell is absolutely gorgeous and they feel so nice on your skin.

Om She Aromatherapy sells a wide range of cosmetics, oils, skin and hair products. I recently purchased the milk & honey body soufflé and the honey & peach body butter at TK Maxx. Honestly, the smell is sublime! Each pot contains 250 g and costs around £4.00.

Another product that I truly love and that I normally use when I am having a relaxing bath is the ocean mist moisturising body wash. This is currently being sold on their Australian website for A$12.95 but cost me around £4.00 in TK Maxx. They have a huge range of lovely fragrances (mango & orange, lime & coconut, blueberry & strawberry, white tea & bergamot, etc.).

If you are lucky to have a partner, relative or friend who enjoys giving massages, then I recommend the pure botanicals miracle body oil. Play some meditation music in the background and you will instantly feel your problems fade away. This oil contains Rosewood, Neroli, Rose Otto, Palmarosa, Bergamot, Sweet Almond, Jojoba, anti-oxidant Rosehip and Vitamin E. If you cannot afford going to a Spa, this is the way to transport yourself there for a fraction of the price!

Apart from TK Maxx, I am not quite sure about where else you could get these products from here in the UK. However, you could always visit their website and keep in touch with them. A lot of their products sell very quickly due to the high demand so, if you really fancy one of their goodies, you can always contact them and I’m sure that they will try to have it back in stock as soon as possible.

I saw on their website that they do international deliveries. The postage to the UK costs A$21.50 (around £10.86). Receiving your items could take up to ten days and you’d also need to bear in mind that you have to cover all duties and taxes of your country.

Enjoy your evening!


2 thoughts on “Om SHE Aromatherapy: make your problems go away!

  1. riannejones says:

    Lovely post, will be looking out for the pure botanicals miracle body oil as it has some great essential oils in. In great need for some relaxation!!

    Liked by 1 person

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