My favourite Lee Stafford hair products


Today I’d like to talk about some of my favourite hair products. There is a brand that I have been using a lot since I started to dye my hair into blonde and that is Lee Stafford. One of the best things that I have found out is that Boots usually has a special offer for these. You can buy 3 Lee Stafford products for £15. Bargain!

As a Spaniard, my hair colour is naturally dark, but I love the way I look with blonde hair. When I started to change my hair colour, I had to bleach it quite a lot in a very short amount of time. This left my hair severely damaged and dry. My hairdresser recommended that I started using the Bleach blondes’ shampoo, which is suitable for bleached or highlighted hair. I was a bit sceptical about it to begin with, but when I saw that the horrible yellow tones suddenly disappeared, I almost cried out of happiness!

The only issue that I see with this shampoo is that your hair can turn a bit purple/pink if you use it too often; hence why I started to alternate it with the Everyday blondes shampoo (also suitable for natural, highlighted or bleached blondes). They cost around £6.99 individually.

Another product that rescued my poor badly treated hair was the Nutiva Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. I know what you must be thinking right now: hang on a second, isn’t that for cooking!? Well… yes… but I have to say that it is one of the best things that I have used on to my hair during its worst days. Apply it as a hair mask and leave it on for about 20 or 30 minutes while your hair is still wet. Trust me. If you hair makes you look like a scarecrow, this is definitely worth a try!

Another product that I tend to carry with me in my handbag is the Coco Loco coconut balm. It costs £6.99 and has the benefit that you can use it any time, anywhere because of its size. Plus the coconut smell is absolutely gorgeous! In this range, you can also find the Coco Loco shampoo, which is a bit cheaper than the others that I mentioned above. However, I don´t think this is the best if your hair is in a very bad state.

As you can imagine, whenever I’m on holiday in Spain, I spend a lot of time sunbathing on the beach with my friends. When I’m there, I use the Beach babe sea salt spray or the Poker straight spray. They cost around £8.00 pounds each and will leave your hair feeling smooth and silky. My hair is naturally curly so after I go swimming it gets very tangled and it is difficult to manage unless I use these products. I can assure you that they will make your life so much easier during your holidays!

Finally, if your hair tends to break easily, then I suggest that you use the Bleach blondes’ conditioner or the Hair growth treatment pink. Don´t worry. You won´t turn into Rapunzel from one day to another; instead you will find that your hair becomes stronger, healthier and more shiny, smooth and hydrated. This last product costs around £8.49 and needs to be apply with a head massage while in the shower.

Seriously, these hair products are AMAZING! So why don’t you give them a go?



3 thoughts on “My favourite Lee Stafford hair products

  1. Connie @ BohemienArt says:

    Thanks for sharing these infos, my hair are not blonde but I too have a Mediterranean complexion with dark dark brown – reddish hair and ever since I started dyeing them they bring out too much orangy tones and I’ve been looking for products to deal with that. Maybe Lee Stafford has something for me too! I’ll look it up 😉 Thanks again

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    • researchbeforespend says:


      I am glad you found the article useful 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I had red hair in the past too so I will write another post with products that can keep your hair colour looking vibrant.

      In the meantime, why don’t you take a look at the Rita Hazan root concealer spray? This covers the roots temporarily and avoids having to dye your hair so frequently.

      It is important that you invest in a good shampoo. I know how annoying those orangey and copper tones are! Sulphate-free shampoos are the best for dyed red hair. Laminates Cellophanes Shine and Colour Protection Shampoo for Redheads by Sebastian was my favourite. It is not cheap but it performs miracles to your hair!

      One alternative to this shampoo could also be the Tigi Bed Head Resurrection Tween Duo. It hydrates, restores your hair and smells soooo nice! The last product that I’d suggest is the Davines Alchemic Rouge conditioner. I bought it on Amazon and it has excellent reviews!

      Hope this helps. I look forward to seeing a picture of your red hair next time you dye it! 🙂

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